Sunday, November 2, 2008

Belated Friday Post 11.2.08

Hi Everyone,

So I appologize for not having the Friday Post written on Friday or even Saturday. But here I am on Sunday AM writing to you because I am so excited about what God is doing!!! :) God is moving in my life right now in an awesome way. I have been and still am attending the Youth
Specialties conference in Pittsburgh, Pa and it is just an amazing event for any time of leader that works with youth. I really enjoy these conferences because they get you pumped up, but this one is truly challenging my thinking and the way I do ministry! I am so excited to come back and begin getting even more serious about what God wants to do with my life. I have been in waiting and I think this weekend (along with meeting some old friends and sharing vision) has really revitalized my passion and heart for students and worship! God is going to begin to do some awesome things at Relevant and New Life, not because of me, but because of what He is doing in and through my life. My prayer is for you that if the Bible has become an old boring book that is dry and tastes like paper, that God would ignite that paper and cause you to burn for Him and His word digging deeper into who He is. Causing you to become so passionate about Him that you can't help but live out His word in your life!!! How do we do this exactly?? More on this in the coming weeks. But I am so pumped to be a follower of Jesus and can't thank Him enough for his sacrifice!

Peace Out!


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