Friday, October 24, 2008

The Friday Post 10.24.08

The Kindness of Others.

In the past two weeks Sam and I have experienced the most amazing acts of kindness towards us. When God's people really believe and act on what God tells them to do they offer so many amazing blessings to others. Well these past two weeks I have experienced the blessing end. I can't thank any of you enough for what you have done for both Sam and I! You are all amazing followers of Jesus and I just want to affirm that what you have done has indeed helped in advancing God's kingdom. I would really like to thank Pastor Chris for all his help and guidance. I would specifically like to thank Him and Emmy for building our front steps. Chris is an amazing carpenter! And Emmy is right there too! Thank you guys so much for everything.

The point of my sharing this with you in the Friday Post is that I am so thankful that I want to turn around and help others using the gifts God has given me! I can see God's people working through New Life and I get so excited about that! God is so good even in times of despair (seemingly our economy). We must continue to trust in Him and rely on His guidance and Word. When we do follow through we bless others and cause them to want to bless others as well! What a great way to share God's love. My challenge to you this week is to "Pay It Forward" (yes taken from the movie by the same name) When someone does something nice for you, go and do something nice for someone else! Do it though, with the love of God as your driving force. For God gave everything to be with us, let us not forget Him and thus forfeit the most important realitonship of all.

To all of you who take Luke 10:27 seriously...may God richly bless you as you serve Him by serving your neighbor!

Thank you.


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