Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Post 11.21.08

Welcome to the Friday Post.

It has been a crazy past few weeks! I was very sick last week so I had time to kind of relax and think about the upcoming holiday/CHRISTMAS season. I am preparing for the craziness that will ensue. But I was just wondering, what are your schedules looking like this Christmas season? Are you making sure you are making time for God first? Are you putting His desires and His will before your own. Or are you getting caught up in the commercialism of the season? I am reminded especially with the crumbling economy, that this season is not about getting more stuff, but rather giving more of yourself to God and His work. You may be wondering what can you give... well... time, talent, and treasure! Give the very best to God that he may be able to use your gifts for His glory and that people may know that you are followers of Jesus! Praise Jesus for the wonderful gift of Himself for our sins. When this world ends, all that will remain is God and His kingdom! Keep that in mind as you celebrate Jesus this Christmas season!


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