Saturday, April 5, 2008


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I am posting to let you all know about the most AMAZING GAME EVER CREATED by Brad French (with a little help from my friends and wife!) The basic game is simple and played at most student ministries around the world. But this game is specifically the best edition. I call it: The Freaking Awesome Capture the Flag--Dodgeball Style. Basically we have combined Dodgeball with Capture the Flag. With a few other changes. The person guarding the flag has a jousting pool noodle. This noodle, convienientlyfound at Target, has too large ends on a normal pool noodle. The person with this noodle is specially trained and can hit anyone trying to "touch" their flag. That person is not out but has to go back to their base to recharge. There are other two people who stand guard in their home area armed with "normal" pool noodles. There job is to joust the other team with the end of the noodle. You cannot smack the noodle you have to jab it using the end. If a person on the other team gets jousted, then they must go to the jail area of the team that jousted them. Next there are two people with kickballs. These people are called the Canobombers. They essentially have the ability to throw the kickballs at people throwing the ball at an arch through the air hoping to hit someone. If the person gets hit by this ball then they are OUT of the whole game (Because if you can't see a gigantic kickball coming at you through the air... well... nuff said.)! Next there will be six three people on each team who each have two nerf balls. This group is known as the Calvary. The Calvary can throw their balls at people and send them to their jail. Then everyone else are the army. Their objective is to touch the flag. Once the flag is touched the team with the touched flag loses and a new game is initiated.
So anyway, this game is going to be awesome once everyone understands all the rules. I am pretty excited about this! If you want to play you should come over to the Brown's home and play with us on Sunday night! Their address along with a lot of other information about our ministry can be found at the Relevant Student Ministry Website: Check it out! Holla back now ya'll! Peace.

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