Tuesday, March 25, 2008


As I look at the past week, all I can say is WOW! God did awesome things! We had so many events happen! From setting up on Thursday for the Good Friday Youth Pizza Breakfast to Thursday night our Seder Meal, to Sunday our 3 services of worship! God is sooo Goood (All the time, Ahhh, Yeeeaaahhh!) Thursday night was awesome. We learned how a traditional Jewish passover reflects the life and sacrifice of Jesus. Friday morning was rockin with 100 students worshipping God and learning more about him from all over the Saxonburg, Sarver area! Friday night we enjoyed worshipping with our friends at Crossway as Pastor Chris brought the word!
Saturday morning we had some crazy set-up and rehearsal time at South Butler Primary School. Being a mobile church, and worshipping in a school, we weren't sure what electric circuits we could pull power from without blowing a fuse. Sooo...we blew a circuit and couldn't find out how to turn it back on! But God is good and gave Evan and I an idea to run the power from the other side of our stage which is divided between the "Cafetorium" (where we worship and it is sweet!) and the Gym. So we ran power from the Gym and everything worked! Why did we blow a fuse you might ask? Well we had an some extra components for our Easter worship time. We borrowed some lights from friends at North Main St. Church of God and they just pushed the limit with the power we had and thus the power went out! But after we hooked it up to two different areas we were good to go! God is sooo awesome! So rehearsal was a little shaky because of that, but it didn't matter. God still came through and it is all about him anyway!
Easter was sweet! Our sunrise service was very, very cold. I couldn't feel my fingers switching between chords as I strummed the song "Lord I Lift Your Name on High". We then went down to the South Butler Primary School (where we meet for worship) and prayed and gave God the day and the services and ran our first service. The drama's were all amazing! The students along with our friend Chris Dickson, totally rocked the "Lifehouse" drama. It touched so many people in a powerful way. Jesus is our Everything and he gave it all to be with us! Hopefully soon you can see the drama on YouTube!!! The dramatic readings were fantastic and the band did a rocking job leading worship! The second service was really rockin' out! I was so pumped to see God show up and use everyone who was involved for his glory as we celebrated the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus!
After that Sam and I went up to visit our parents and celebrate my brother R.J.'s birthday!
I was just so blessed to see God come through in so many ways this past week! He always does but I just always want to give him the glory for everything. We are nothing and Jesus gives us life! So if you were a part of any of those services I hope you experienced God in a real way! Int totally we set up and tore down 3 separate times in 4 days. Which means we moved all the sound gear and lighting a total of six times in 4 days! We learned how to really pack our trailer full! So in to sum up: Holy Week was AWESOME!

Take Care All!


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