Monday, April 21, 2008

The Experiment

The Experiment is a chance for you to get involved in making your Relevant Student Ministry page the best that it can be. So how can you get involved? Send me your ideas! Sit down and put on your creative hat and think about how we can make more RELEVANT for you and your friends. After you have done this, then get up and go to your computer. At this point resist all urges to visit youtube (as this will probably lead to a great distraction) and send me an email with your ideas! You may see one of your ideas hit the page after we re-launch on June 5, 2008. But if you don't, don't be flabbergasted, instead jump up and down and then stand on your head if you can. Then send me another email with more ideas!

This is your chance to totally revolutionize so that it can reach as many people as possible. I hope to hear from you very soon with your exquisitely relevant ideas! We will take ideas through May 20, 2008! We will then launch the new page June 8, 2008! (If you haven't noticed we generally update the page design every season of the your ideas could be put into the next design update!)



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