Friday, December 4, 2009

Big Daddy Weave Rocks

Sam and I went to a concert tonight featuring Francesca Batistelli, Big Daddy Weave, and Newsong.  Man, Big Daddy Weave rocks.  I have always known that, but hearing them live for the first time was amazing.  I got to talk to Mike Weaver (Big Daddy Weave) after the show.  What an awesome, laid back dude.  He loves Jesus and his song writing is absolutely God driven.  The Spirit of God is on this man and his band.  I also talked to his brother Jay Weaver.  Jay and I and my wife all talked for about 20 minutes or so.  5 minutes on the music business and 15 minutes on Disney World.  Turns out, He loves Disney as much as Sam and I do.  (And that is a lot!) Every time he gets a chance he takes his family and goes.  Jay was awesome to talk to.  Calm and laid back just like his brother...Jay is the bass player in the band, and man he is tight.  The whole band rocks.  They are so tight, and yet they live several hours from each other except for two of them.  That brings back memories of life on the road for rehearsal with LJ.  It was really great to talk to them and get to know them.  Big Daddy Weave has been one of my favorite bands of all times.  I can't wait to see them and talk to them again.  PS...They are awesome worship leaders.  I was a bit disappointed, though, that they only had 6 songs in the entire show... :(  I want to see them lead a whole worship concert!  Ok I am done.  Big Daddy Weave's Website  (More to come tomorrow on their recording techniques...very me much hope!

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