Monday, December 7, 2009

A Thought From The Movie 300

In the movie 300 King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) says something that I find pretty interesting. He was leaving to fight a war against Xerxes, a Persian, for the freedom of Sparta and Greece, when on his way to battle was met by some Arcadian soldiers. The leader of the Arcadians said that they had come to fight alongside Leonidas and the Spartans for the freedom of Greece. Leonidas looks over the large group of soldiers and asks one of them, "Soldier, what is your occupation?" The soldier responds "I am a potter." He asks yet another "Soldier what is your occupation?" He responds "A sculptor." And one more Leonidas asks "Soldier what is your occupation?" "A blacksmith, sir." The solider responds. Leonidas looks at the leader of the Arcadians and says "It seems, today, that I have brought more soldiers than you!" Leonidas had 300 soldiers that had trained for their whole life to be warriors. He knew that his group of men could out fight the 1000's of men the Arcadians brought.

I thought that was an interesting scene because I have been thinking a lot lately about focus. When we focus on one thing or a very small number of things in our lives we will find our lives to be very successful in those areas. As a follower of Jesus, I have been given spiritual gifts and if I don't develop those specific gifts and use them for Jesus then I am not going to be the most effective I can be. I have a gift that someone else doesn't have. Others have gifts that I don't have. That is what makes the body of Christ, the church, so powerful. Each of us contributes to the body in specific ways that no other person can contribute. So wherever God has you right now, use the spiritual gifts He has given you to bring glory to God and advance His kingdom! When we focus on what God has given us right now, I believe He will honor that and begin to open new doors for us to focus and serve. Even in ways we might not think or imagine!

Just a thought.
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