Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Snippet from This Sunday's Message!

God’s desire is not for us to be condemned but for us to commune with Him! In the story we heard earlier, God’s desire was not for those who are “in” to act like they have it and no one else can get it. God’s desire is for those who are “in” to go “out” and find more people to come “in” until the whole world is “in”! God wants everyone to commune with Him. Let’s take a look at the word Commune. What does that mean? Well gives these definitions: Commune-–verb (used without object) to converse or talk together, usually with profound intensity, intimacy, etc.; interchange thoughts or feelings. To be in intimate communication or rapport: to commune with nature. As a noun it means the interchange of ideas or sentiments. God wants us to reach out to the gothic man so that He can commune with God. God wants us to reach out to those we are uncomfortable reaching out to because if we don’t do it, then who will?
When we commune with God we begin to find out his character, His passions, His attributes, and to be with Him daily. When we commune with God we begin to think and act like Him. Think about this: Have any of you ever had a best friend? Maybe that best friend is your neighbor you grew up with, your wife, your accountability partner.
Have you ever caught yourself acting like they act? Laughing like they laugh? Saying what they would say? That is the kind of relationship God wants us to have with Him. To know Him so well that we act like Him, make decisions like Him, make his desires our desires!
It is easy to get distracted by our lives. We must MAKE time for God every day until our time with Him becomes as natural as breathing. You know, God doesn’t just watch and listen from 7-7:45 AM He watches and listens all day every day for all of history! He is just waiting for us to make a commitment to follow Him with our whole lives 24/7/365/Eternity! When we commune with God our lives will never be the same! But the thing we must never forget is that we cannot commune with God without Jesus. Jesus is our way, our truth, and our life (John 14:6). He was the only one capable of living a sinless life and becoming a sacrifice for our sins (John 3:16); that when we believe in Him we are given the righteousness that He has so that we can be in a right relationship with God.
When we commune with God every day, people will see a difference in us and desire what we have. Think about the promises that come with knowing God and living every day with Him: Assurance of eternal life, peace, financial stability (God owns everything so money means nothing to Him), forgiveness of our past, acceptance, unconditional love, He is jealous for us, He is our father, He gives us purpose in this life, He gives us special talents and abilities to be used for Him. More than that we are communing with the God of creation, of the entire world! And these are only a few! In this one and only instance I believe that God would say it is OK for a person to covet what a neighbor has: A daily, living, breathing, and growing relationship with Himself. The cool thing is God offers this to us freely. When we live in a right relationship with God people will be drawn to Him through us. So anyone can be a part of God’s family. All you have to do is believe in Jesus and live for Him!

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