Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hi Everyone!

I am so sorry that I have not written in so long. Sam and I went through the craziness of moving and are still living in the craziness of box life. (We didn't move into a box, but there are boxes everywhere in our house!) I am really excited to be down in the area and have really enjoyed chillin with a lot of people since the move. I am so blessed by all of you!

So as Sam and I continue to unpack and get used to the new house we will continue to seek and worship God for all He has done and continue to hang with peeps from the church because it rocks!

I just want to say a special thank you to all of you who helped us move! You are such blessings to us. May God bless you richly for your faithfulness in serving Him!

Well, that is about it for now. I will be writing more frequently now as I finally have an office that has my PC hooked up all the time!!

Take Care All,


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