Monday, May 23, 2011

This Memorial Day...

As we move toward Memorial Day Weekend, I want to challenge you to look back on your life and remember and say thanks for the times of God's blessing and direction. The Israelites were commanded to do so after God delivered them from the iron fist of the Egyptians. We should do so as well.

We've all experienced tough times at school, work, and in our families. It's easy to recall those memories. But can you specifically recall a time when God delivered you from one of those tough situations? It's easy to forget that God's hand often guides us through tough times and gives us victory at the right time. I'm sure the Israelites were anxious and even scared as the Egyptians pursued them to the Red Sea. After God provided deliverance at the Red Sea the Israelites knew their God cared about them and had their best in mind!

The same is true for us. As we go through tough times, remember that God is going to provide a deliverance. That is, if we ask Him for it! We must take time and remember those situations and say thanks to Him for what He's done for us. It wasn't too long after the amazing deliverance at the Red Sea when Israelites fell prey to fear again. Only this time, a whole generation had to pass away because of their disbelief in God. All except for two: Joshua and Caleb. Joshua and Caleb believed God for the victory in tough situations and they had to wait quite a long time to experience God's blessing. But when God blessed them by delivering them into the promised land, it was worth the wait!

So this Memorial Day weekend. Be sure to say thanks to a veteran or active duty soldier. But most of all, be sure to say thanks to God. Only He can deliver us from the ultimate and final tough situation—Hell. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. And just as the Israelites were commanded to do at Passover each year, let's remember and say thanks to God for all He's done in our lives!

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