Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's Too Late To Apologize

"It's too late to apologize..."  the  famous line of the song "Apologize" by the band One Republic, made even better by the sound of producer Timbaland in the background trying to sing "eh, eh, ehhhhh," brings to mind a powerful image.  This past weekend I preached from Revelation 3:14-22 where Jesus tells the church at Laodicea to be either hot or cold but not lukewarm because He'll spew lukewarm Christians out of His mouth.  As I thought about that image (which we demonstrated using a water balloon launcher and gum balls) the song "Apologize" came to my mind.   I began to think:  "How many people are going to try to apologize while they are flying through the air after being spit out of Jesus' mouth."  I certainly don't want to find myself in that position and I'm sure you don't either.  So what can we do so we don't here Jesus sing the line "It's too late to apologize... It's too late?"

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We read John 14:15 and do what it says.  If we love Jesus then we will do what He says.  We'll live out what the words He spoke in all four gospels.  Not easy, but the reward is worth it.

It is a simple answer I know.
Not very in depth.
That's because following Jesus isn't rocket science.

Following Jesus is obedience.  

This week, as we remember everything Jesus did for us,
let's live out His truth so people know we belong to Him.
(Known by our love because of His love!)

Let's not find ourselves flying through the air with Jesus humming the melody:
"It's too late to apologize..."

Instead, let's join the chorus of the faithful singing the Foo Fighters famous song:
"There Goes My Hero!"

Let's put Jesus first, at the center of our lives.

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