Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thoughts On Leadership

The other day I was reading the account of Moses' call into ministry.  I have always loved this account because I can relate to it in this way:  God puts have an amazing calling on our lives and we are pumped to serve him!  Then reality sets in and we begin to say "I'm not good enough!"  It's a shame that a lot of times our human insecurity casts a dark shadow on the will of God.  Instead of leaning into God and trusting that His will and purpose for our lives will lead to "greater things" as Jesus said, we lean into our insecurity and begin to fall prey to a lie.  When God gives a call to a person, he provides for that person what they will need to fulfill the calling!  I find it interesting though that Moses still trusted more in his insecurity than the power of God.  However God still provided for him!  Moses told God he couldn't speak well.  God tell's Moses: "Who gave man his mouth?"  Moses still wimps out and says God please send someone else! (Ever been there?)  God became angry at Moses for not trusting completely in His power but He still provided for Moses!  God gave Aaron to Moses to speak for him.  This part is interesting:  God told Moses, Aaron would be like Moses' mouth and Moses would be like God to Aaron.  God makes it clear though that He will help these guys by teaching them what to do!  God would have taught Moses by himself, but Moses trusted more in His insecurity.  God also gave Moses a sign and a promise through his staff.  So remember, lean into God.  He alone is our provider of security: He bought us at a high price!  Remember that the next time someone comes to you to fight against the visions and decisions GOD GAVE YOU for your ministry!

Just one more thing I want to point out.  Everything is going awesome for Moses in terms of fulfilling God's plan.  God gave him the call at the burning bush, God gave him Aaron to speak for him, and Moses is on his way back to save his people.  Then there is a bump in the road, which there often is in man's life.  Exodus 4:24-26 says that while Moses, his wife and child where lodging along the way "The LORD met Moses and was about to kill him."  That is comforting. God gave you this amazing call, he provides for your needs to fulfill that call, and now he is going to kill you.  Lots to look forward to as a Pastor or leader in the church!  Actually the point here is very clear and that is why I love God's Word.  God is a just God, and he cannot allow Moses to lead his people out of Egypt unless Moses himself is following the law that God gave to his native people.  Moses neglected to circumcise his son therefore neglecting the covenant God made with his people through Abraham.  The long and short of this is that God cannot allow a person to serve Him without accountability!  Serving God is pretty serious stuff.  In fact, teachers in the church will be held to a higher standard of judgment!  Take this lesson from Moses and get rid of sin in your life if you know where that sin is!  God has provided our forgiveness of sin through Jesus, so don't, as the Apostle Paul says, live in it anymore.  It was crucified with Christ.  Be free and serve God, fulfilling the calling God has placed on your life!

The Two Main Points:

1. Trust God alone.  He called you.  He'll teach you and provide for you.

2. Get rid of sin.  Serve free.

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