Friday, April 30, 2010

Fathers Of The Faith

Yesterday I attended a "Fathers Of The Faith" conference where we all sat in a ballroom at a hotel in downtown Pittsburgh and had a conversation with what many consider fathers of our faith. There were only two fathers who attended yesterday. Henry Blackaby and John Perkins. Both excellent authors and powerful communicators. There were several truths I took away from the conference but the one thing God specifically gave me was that pastors should write when they feel God leading them into a truth from His Word. God's word is the most important book you could ever read. It tells you who God is! If you love action and adventure, the Bible is for you. If you are a romantic, the Bible is for you. The Bible is for all people because God's Word is unique in that the God of the universe fashioned it for all people. God is the only author who could do this because He alone is our creator. He knows exactly what will catch our attention. But more than that, God loves us and gave us His Word as a gift.

Pastors aren't the only ones who should write! If God is giving you an insight into His Word YOU should write about it! Then share it so we can grow from it as well!

So my goal here is to write an insight from God's Word that I feel He is laying on my heart-Once a week. I hope many of you will come and read as we dive into truth. And just like Jesus said, the truth will make you free...if you will accept it into your life!


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