Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Planing Retreat Day 3

I know, I know...what happened to day 2... well, so much amazing planning happened that I was so beat to update you all. This has been an amazing time of planning, site development, and awesome fellowship together! I have learned so much that I didn't know about each staff member and it has just been an amazing time of challenge to determine God's direction for our church!!! What an awesome experience this has been. I can't thank God enough for this opportunity to be serving at New Life right here and right now!

There has been so much planning and strategic vision casting for the future of New Life that to write it all down on here would take up 10 pages (and we aren't even close to done)! Praise God for his amazing leadership this week. Thanks for praying and keep praying as we continue to plan and develop the plans of our mission strategy and short, mid and long term goals and objectives!

Today we developed the rough draft of our site plan, building plan, and outside design of the building. Praise God. This building has no wasted space and it will be the most amazing tool God could ever possibly allow us to develop to reach the Saxonburg and region for Jesus! I can't wait for you all to see what has been developed. (Pat Morgan was our architect and he was the most humble and amazing man I could have ever expected to work with. He has designed so many churches and today he helped us to make our building the most efficient and effective it could be! What an amazing dude. He is going to Juarez tomorrow on a mission trip so please pray for his safety, especially now as Juarez is very volatile with drug wars!)

This is ridiculously awesome!


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