Monday, October 8, 2007

TalkPoint a. : Building Healthy Habits Pt. I

Hi Everybody,

This week at Relevant we discussed a couple of very important aspects of Relevant Christian living. The first is that of building healthy habits. Building healthy habits are the foundation for living with good Godly character. We live in a world that is so warped and in sin. If we believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we need to make sure that we are putting Him first in our lives. Building a healthy relationship with Jesus is the first habit of Relevant Christian living. You see the first and greatest commandment is the same now as it was when Jesus told the curious Pharisee 2000+ years ago: Love the Lord God with all our heart, soul, and mind and love our neighbors as ourselves. Building healthy habits must begin with your relationship with God. If we choose not to grow in our relationship daily with Jesus then how can we expect to build any kind of healthy christian living habits? When we devote our lives to passionately following Jesus and love Him with all we have and then love our neighbors as we love ourselves, we can then build healthy habits off of this firm foundation.
How can we do this? We can first Read the Bible daily. Then pray and ask God to work powerfully in our lives through the Holy Spirit. And finally do everything as if Jesus was standing right there with us. When we live our lives by first devoting our everything to Jesus in daily study and prayer and then living in the same way being always aware of our devotion to Jesus, we can then rest assure that God will hold us up and if we are willing use us powerfully for His glory to revolutionize the world! What an amazing opportunity God offers to us!
The heart of building healthy habits is building a healthy relationship with Jesus. When we do this we can each build up our unique talents, gifts, and abilities that God so freely gives to us to use for His pleasure and glory-Just as He designed! Put Jesus first, this is the first and most important healthy habit for Relevant Christian living.
In Part II we will be looking at the next step in building healthy habits and how building healthy habits leads to living as a RELEVANT follower of Jesus being shining beautiful, marvelous, and hopeful light into a world of despair and darkness!

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